Polling Start for Next Prime Minister of India in 2019

Now as almost one year left for new Lok Sabha election, so whom you want to make your next Prime Minister of India is totally depend on you.

Just reminding our previous experience regarding Lok Sabha election. As two times we elected to Manmohan Singh and got whatever the results, we know very well.


So what you think that most appropriate candidate for PM is Narendra Modi ?

So again this time real public is happy with our current Prime Minister of india or Not ?

As all the recent state elections like Uttar Pradesh to Gujarat etc. won by BJP.

Legislative assembly elections 2017
1. Punjab – INC
2. Goa – BJP
3. Uttar Pradesh – BJP
4. Uttarakhand – BJP
5. Manipur – BJP
6. Himachal Pradesh – BJP
7. Gujarat – BJP
Legislative assembly elections 2018
1. Tripura – BJP
2. Meghalaya – NPP/BJP
3. Nagaland – NDPP/BJP

We will let you know through our polling Results.

To whom our real public is like to make next PM ?

Just vote to know others that who is suitable PM of India in 2019.


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