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Xiaomi Mi 8 – Price, Full Specifications & Features and Comparison with OnePlus 6

Xiaomi Mi 8 has just been launched and finally, all the important Chinese flagship phones of the first half of 2018 are official. Xiaomi Mi 8 smartphone made its debut in the Indian markets in May, 2018.

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How to correct or update Aadhaar details online & offline 

Aadhaar Card Update: Enabling Aadhaar for various services like Government & Non-Government Services, Subsidy Benefits, Pensions, Scholarships, Social Benefits, Banking services, Insurance services, Taxation services, Education, Employment, Healthcare etc., makes it essential to ensure that Aadhaar data of the resident stored in the CIDR is accurate and up-to-date and. Spelling errors and other mistakes in your Aadhaar Card details and if anyone are having deactivated Aadhaar can to lead to many problems. Linking Aadhaar and PAN, which is mandatory for many services and requires that all your demographic details match on both the documents. If there is a mismatch in your details like name, gender, date of birth on both documents then you may be not be able to link the two. There could be many reasons as well that’s why we need to update our Aadhaar.

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YouTube’s Headquarters Shooting: Female Suspected Shooter

A woman who is suspected shooter found dead and wounded three people at YouTube’s headquarters in California before shooting herself. At least 3-4 people have been admitted in hospital after being shot, according to local news. Everyone was afraid after this tragedy, Police is investigating that this is an act of terrorism or not. Police is given warning to everyone

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