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Nipah Virus: Symptoms, Prevention & Cure, What is Nipah Virus?

Nipah virus came from Pigs to Fruit Bats and in others animals after that humans.
Nipah virus spreads very fast to humans after coming in contact with infected pigs or bats or even humans. This is Zoonotic disease due to this fever, brain disease, headaches, fever, body-ache, vomiting, diarrhoea, laziness cough, problems in breathing, and others problem seen. these are main symptoms of it.

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हाईअलर्ट: उत्तर भारत में आंधी-तूफान ने दी दस्तक स्कूल/कॉलेज बंद रहेंगे !!

लखनऊ से सटे फैज़ाबाद, बस्ती, गोरखपुर, इलाहाबाद, वाराणसी जिलों को भी हाई अलर्ट पर रखा गया है, तूफान तेजी से आगे बढ़ रहा है। ये बहुत ही खतरनाक तूफान है, मौसम विभाग ने कहा है की इसे हलके में न लें।

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Asaram Rape Case: “Don’t say Bapu” Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Raping Minor Girl

Asaram a self-styled Godman to Goddamn!! Asaram was in jail from last five years after rape charges, today found guilty of sexual assault and raping minor girl at his ashram in Jodhpur, Today Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe Court has sentenced life imprisonment to Asaram till death, while other accused convicted in the rape got twenty years each in prison,

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